Friday, December 6, 2013

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Wow!  How is *that* for a title?!  (Of course, in my mind it is being sung by Andy Williams who I think does the best version of this and Peter will agree.  Love that he loves the classics!)

Well, I'm back!  Really.  Seriously!  I know, you are thinking, "Yeaaah.  She'll post one lousy blog and then come back *next summer* to give us a novel, promising more is coming."  And you might be right.  And, might not.  Long story short (believe it!)... my ancient Mac died, my camera died (I lost all of my Paris pictures which I hope can be retrieved), Peter's camera - which I had confiscated for my own use after mine died - crapped out, I lost my cell phone, I've been busy, it's dark and I'm wearing sunglasses... you get the picture.  (And if you didn't get the Blues Brothers reference... what can I say?  There are sooo many good lines from that movie you are missing out on!)

ANYWAYS, it is DECEMBER ALREADY!!!  Where in the world has this year gone?  I am now armed with a trusty new Mac (hurrah!) and lots and lots of photos that are of questionable quality from my weenie phone (a lame replacement after losing my "good" phone) and am ready to share with you all some new posts about our time here in Germy.

SO... get ready!  Lots of German festivals, castles, Paris (maybe) and a Year In Review.  And maybe a New Year's Resolution to keep up with the blog...  actually on the real live computer and not just in my head!  ;)

Hope you all are having a happy holiday season so far!  We'll "talk" soon!

Marky and Peter - Cutest boys on the planet!  (OK... I'm a bit biased.)

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