Sunday, October 21, 2012

Adventures in Deutschland

Hello friends and family!
This blog will attempt to give you a glimpse into our "adventures" in Germany.  The fab, the bad and the ugh-ly.  In case you didn't get the title "From Birmie to Germy"... it's a tongue-in-cheek reference to our hometown Birmingham, Michigan (or Birmie as my buddy Beth P calls it) and Germy... Germany.  Mike coined the "From Birmie to Germy" phrase here which cracks me up.

I thought about doing the blog for a couple of reasons.  One, to keep a journal of sorts of our time here in Deutschland.  Two, to let you all check in on us if you like without my sending you all too-long, rambling emails and clogging up your inbox with picts.

Please come back and visit us here on our blog.  And, as always, the door is open!  We have a large 3rd floor guest room with private bath and balcony.  Sound luxurious here?  You should see our fridge.  If you've ever watched an episode of House Hunters International, you will know what I'm talking about.

We miss you all and hope this will be a place where we can connect occasionally.

Much love,
Jen, Mike, Peter and Mark  :)


  1. Awesome!! Looking forward to following your blog. Great idea! By the way, we still have your big bottle of Absolut. It, ahem, may. Not. Last. Until. You. Get. Home. All the best to you guys!! Matt and Richelle.

    1. (a) I am surprised you still have it.
      (b) We will be highly disappointed if you still do when we return!

      I am thinking there might be occasions you might be driven to drink with now FIVE children in the house! :) Miss you all and can't wait to meet Christian! HUGS!

  2. This is looking like an awesome opportunity! You might not know that I've always wanted to go to France (Paris). And to be so close to Slovenia and centrally located to so much. We'll really have to keep this in mind ~ we'll give you time to gain some more life experience abroad and see some of these things yourself!!!